How much is it to join Hole in One Club

Annual membership costs £10 per year

What does my membership include?

➢ You will receive a member’s bag tag, access to an interactive online community, exclusive offers and content through the 2020 season with the opportunity to win an all expenses paid trip to TPC Sawgrass in Florida, USA for the Grand Final.

What can I win?

You can win the trip of a lifetime to compete in the Hole in One Club Grand Final in Sawgrass USA. If there are more than 12 hole in ones recorded, then you will a chance to play in a national qualifier at a top course in the UK or Ireland.

How do I win?

You can win by scoring a hole in one in any official club competition, singles or doubles (medal, stableford or bogey).

When can I win?

You can win any time by scoring a hole in one in a competition between 1st April 2020 and 30th September 2020.

Who verifies my Hole In One?

Your hole in one must be witnessed by playing partners and verified in writing be either the club captain or secretary/manager, once the Hole In One Golf Team verify this, we want to know all about it.

What tees can I score a Hole in One from?

The official competition tee of the day.

Who is eligible to win

Male or female amateurs over the age of 16 on the 1st April 2020.

How do I join the Hole In One Club?

Click on Join The Club and fill out your registration form and provide payment.


Do I have to have to be a member of a golf club?

Yes, you have to be a member of an affiliated club and have an active or inactive congu handicap.

Can I use a distance measuring device to help me score a Hole In One?

Distance Measuring Devices (DMD’s) are allowed for members use. However, please note devices that also measure slope/gradient, temperature, wind-speed etc. are not permitted regardless of whether such an additional function is used. Please see the Rules of Golf 14-3 for further information on this subject.

How do I make a valid claim?

If you are successful in getting a hole in one, follow the guidelines on the website to register your claim.

Why join?

Every time you tee up in a competition, you have the chance of winning a trip of a lifetime, it’s exciting and it’s fun!

Who do I contact with a query?

Please fill in the contact form on the website with your query, and the golf team will answer your query immediately.